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Hot Topics In the Field of Psychology 

  • On 1/17/15, the New York Times published a review of an article entitled, "Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia," released by the British Psychological Society two months ago. This review highlights a changing perspective on severe mental illness and how important one's environment (or past history) is on the formation of psychological symptoms. This leads to the suggestion that severe mental illness should be treated with social interventions and not simply with medication alone.

  • "Kindness in Kids and the Nature-Nurture Debate," published on 12/14/14, describes the influence of parenting and genes on the development of children's prosocial (caring for others) tendencies along with the role of oxytocin (a hormone).

  • On 12/3/14, the New York Times published an interesting article on how technology (cell phone usage in particular) is affecting our relationships with one another (for better and for worse). The article, "Are Gadget-Free Bedrooms the Secret to a Happy Relationship" is available here.

  • An article published in the Wall Street Journal (11/17/14) describes how making small changes in your behavior can actually lead to mood improvement. Click here to read this interesting and short article entitled, "Walk This Way, Acting Happy Can Make It So."

  • The New York Times published "The Problem With Positive Thinking" on 10/26/14. This author of this article, a psychology professor at New York University, suggests that positive thinking feels good in the short run but probably distracts the person from the focused needed to make actual, real-world changes.

With appreciation for the Mental Health Concierge for providing some of the above mental health resources.

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